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Simple Cloud Solution for Business Development and Sales Growth

This section provides an overview of features of Accrete's sales management system. However, if you would like a more detailed view, please contact us for a live demonstration. For now, please select the links below to view examples of our layout and screens.
A New Approach
to Growing Sales
Sales-focused CRM Program
Reduced Administration
You need to be selling. Nothing else.
Successful sales people know that time in front of a screen is
time that could be used for sales. With our screen capture flow
we reduce time spent on capturing data.
Unique Prospecting Methodology
Improve Prospecting
A prospecting strategy that works is crucial to your overall sales success.
Our CRM program is built to do just that.
Lead Tracking
From the Lead to the Sale
Accrete's CRM program captures leads from your social media
profiles and other online platforms. These include, for example,
Facebook, LinkedIn and your official website. Subsequently, leads
are added to a lead basket and allocated to users.
Opportunity Tracking in CRM Programs
Focus on Hot Deals
While emphasis is placed on prospecting,
we do so to complement opportunity management.
Activity Tracking
History Of Interactions
The best way to influence the outcome of a new sales
endeavour is to have a strategy. We therefore provide a
complete history of interactions so that your strategy is
informed and makes sense.
Growing A Winning Sales Team
Build From your Strengths
This is where our CRM program excels.
In other words, it is management that is practical
and informed by information that informs coaching
and future management decisions.
Coaching, Training. Consulting
You do the coaching. We provide the support
Experience the opportunity of a fully supported sales coach
while mentoring your teams.
Drip eCRM Integration
Automated Communications
Integrated with the best in the business. That is, we make sure you trigger strategically prepared, automated communications to your contacts.
Xero Accounting
Accounting Integration
Create draft invoices from quotes that have been accepted in Xero accounting. This keeps your leads and non-active customers in your CRM program and not in your accounting system.
Cin7 Integration
Stock Integration
View stock information during the quoting process, delivered from Cin7. And, create sales orders from accepted quotes.

Accrete Mobile

Fully operational on mobile. Tablets provide the full experience, while smartphones have a light version of our software that includes the most important features you will need in the field.
Device mobile

Productive Integration & Exports

Our team has worked tirelessly to provide you with integration with leading industry tools...

Why the system creates Growth?

What makes our system so effective?
First, understand the methodology, then evaluate our features.

Sales Growth

By sharing our unique calling cycles methodology, which is built into the system, we ensure that you close more deals with prospects.

Sales Game for Teams

Motivate and Manage
by playing the
Sales Game as part of growing and
coaching a winning team.


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