The Sales Game Training Plan

The Sales Game Training Plan

The Sales Game Training Plan, or as we call it, the sales game model, provides the platform for activity-based growth. No team can progress unless they have a tried and tested training plan. No team member will ever be able to become great if they don’t master the basics in the sport.

“Tell me, and I forget, teach me, and I may remember, involve me, and I learn.” – Benjamin Franklin

With this quote of Benjamin Franklin in mind, for us to be useful as the sales leaders we need to involve our team members in the growth process. When they are engaged and focussed in the training plan, they will learn the aspects of what it takes to be a great salesperson.

There are two major points to consider when introducing your sales training plan.

Firstly, salespeople don’t do prospecting or very little prospecting. Secondly, salespeople have no networks or small networks in general. This results in sales people not consistently hitting their targets.

The Sales Game Model (the sales game training plan)

With these points having been made, we are going to explain how we are going to establish the sales game training plan to address these problems and a range of other issues.

We’ve developed a step by step model that takes us from the place where we struggle to consistently hit our targets, to a place where we exceed goals. This model doesn’t just focus on the attraction of new clients but also increases the retention rates of existing clients. And it helps us with everything in-between!

Why does the Sales Game Model matter?

It helps you to implement a motivational system that addresses the core competencies to achieve and to ensure that you have enough sales to exceed your sales targets.

The model consists of three layered phases. First the planning phase, then we have the practice or implementation phase followed by the game time phase.

The Planning Phase

In the planning phase, we will be going from being lost, acting on what our days throw at us to having clear objectives and goals in place to measure what success looks like.

Also creating a comprehensive lead list and being in a position to be able to contact potential clients pro-actively with open calendar slots and capacity to do face-to-face interactions. 

The plan will put us in a position to start 300 new relationships within 90 days and enable your team to establish their Lead Networks, without doing anything that they don’t need to do.

Practice or Implementation Phase

Aristotle blessed us with this quote; “For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them.”  

In the practice or implementation phase, we are going from making the first contact or call with new clients to focusing on converting prospects into sales. Establishing the first contactwith our newly created lead list and getting them into a calling cycle, also adding our existing customers into the cycle and rebuilding the relationship with them. Especially the ones that we lost along the way.  

We are making sure that we track our closing ratio with both new and existing clients. Just out of our experience, an exercise with existing clients will already yield some sales results.

If done correctly, you will double your current closing ratios within 90 days, without losing momentum in your day to day activities. 

The Game Time Phase

In the Game Time Phase, we are going from a place of not reviewing activity performance to announcing the winner of the Sales Game. By creating high levels of motivation in our team and rewarding the top salesperson not only based on sales value but by compensating the effort that went into the sales process.  

If done right, we will start to exceed sales targets and increase market penetration and making customers notice us.

As a sales leader, you must create a competitive environment with a team spirit that encourages the sharing of successes and failures. Get the team on the field and winning by creating a space where your support and coaching motivates them!

For more on this topic, connect with us, we love talking about growing teams with our system.  We will also share further articles on this topic.

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