Activity Evaluation

Activities equal success.

Activity Evaluation is all about ensuring that essential activities are promptly completed. The following screens provide a glance at pending calls (Calling Cycles) as well as the number of calls made (total number of activities performed per day).

The correlation between balanced activities and sales performance is astounding. The sales person with the best activity balance is usually also the top performer.

System Screens at a Glance

Pending Calls

Pending calls is an overview and comparison of pending activities by the team that any sales manager or coach can access. By selecting the reporting button, calling cycle reports are instantly generated. A calling cycle report provides accurate detail of the earliest calling cycle to the latest calling cycle. A previous activity note is additionally included on the report.

Calls Made

This is the total activities made per day by each individual sales person. A feature of the program includes a comparison of users. This dashboard additionally provides an extensive report that includes highly relevant selections such as detail per activity and activity notes.