Customer Interactions

Activity Logging System for seamless sales management

One of the best ways of developing sales management strategies that influence the outcome of a sales endeavour is knowledge. Our sales management system therefore provides a detailed overview of historical interactions that you can use to inform your particular strategy. Logging activities, for example, builds a historical profile per customer. The system further classifies the type of interaction and how effective the sales process has been. These interactions are at the heart of our Sales Game. For the sales manager, the reporting system is an essential tool for constructive feedback.

Activities and historical data are however crucial to retain when a team member decides to leave an organisation. Our sales management system is therefore suited to any business that cannot afford to lose data on a customer. When a team member resigns, for example, the history of the customer is available to the next sales person who joins the team. The availability of information speeds up the rate at which the new sales person is able to build a relationship with a particular contact.  

Sales Management System Screens at a Glance

Activity Capturing Screen

The Activity Screen is displayed when a contact in a calling cycle is selected. The screen is clean and provides a simple overview with predefined rules. This elegant view makes it easy for a user to identify the correct classification of the client type as well as any activities. From the activity screen the user can check historic activities and active quotes before logging the activity or contacting the customer.

Activity Sub-Categorisation

Setup sub-activity categories on each activity type. For instance, if you would like to record the origin of opportunities, set these up as a sub-category and report on to track media effectiveness. Sub-categories allow for additional information to be captured with little effort. And analyzing activities is crucial in the mission to improve your sales teams.

Less Admin

Over the years, sales people have told us that they don't have time to sit in front of a screen. They need to be out selling. Accrete listened and designed its sales management system to provide more than one service with as little capturing time as possible. Our activity capturing therefore provides the following; perform prospecting with relationship calls, start opportunities, log activity notes, determine the strategy for the next interaction in the activity note, build a knowledge base on the customer, categorize activities to gain knowledge of the effectiveness of our sales personnel, see the scores for the Sales Game and schedule the next interaction with the customer.

Mobile Capturing Sales Management

Capture your activities on the run with Accrete Mobile. Why is it important to capture data on the move? Because, capturing data immediately frees up your time later in the day. What about calling cycles? Yes, you can manage your calling cycles on the move by making a call directly from the phone icon.