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Calendar Management

Time is money; especially for the busy sales executive.  A key area in which successful sales people excel is managing their time. Why? Because, good time management means that you arrive on time for meetings and provide timeous feedback. These are important elements for building a professional trust relationship with a client. 

For this reason, we added superior calendar functionality to the system. The system additionally provides for calendar sharing and can also be synchronized with Microsoft Outlook, Google Calendar, iCloud and

System Screens at a Glance

Calendar Screen

The calendar screen is available on the user's linked screen. On the right, user's find a monthly calendar panel with dates for the current and following month. From the calendar screen, users plan and schedule meetings and events with a simple right-click function.


The calendar has the following screen view options, depending on preference; Day View, Work Week, Week, Month and Timeline. A user can also however setup the standard view that he or she prefers as a startup screen. A management section allows a manager, for example, to view a user's calendar.

Calendar Synchronisation

The system syncs with Microsoft Outlook, Google Calendar, iCloud and So, all your devices stay up to date.