Content Strategy

Comprehensive Customer Database

A sales person’s network is their single most important asset. In other words, a sales professional’s success depends on a healthy customer base. For this reason, we make sure that relevant customer details are captured in our sales management system. 

The database is further complemented by a demographics builder. This builder allows you to to build a profile for you customer, including noting interests and any other ad hoc information that you would like to log. And we do not stop there. This feature is also backed by a search function that groups specific demographics, and thereby provides a list of customers that comply with the required search information.

System Screens at a Glance

Contact Listing Screen

We provide a contact list and search bar that enables you to directly type the field you want to search in. This reduces the frustration of accessing contact information and makes it easy to get to the contact you need. The contact listing screen also provides a chart that shows the number of customers in your database, per category of client. You can, for example, view Active Clients, Prospects, Non-Active Clients or any other category that you need to setup in your business.

Contact Screen

The contact information screen provides fields for capturing generic customer information. The screen is supported by additional tabs for specialised information. This screen additionally allows for multiple physical addresses for delivery purposes.

Activity History

The demo screen provides a very basic overview of data. However, this screen provides a list of activity notes and actions completed. These are additionally sorted by latest to oldest for your convenience. The purpose of a detailed log is for ease of access to interactions, issues and the overall strategy for each individual contact. It is this overview that enables a new sales person to get up to speed in almost no time at all. Moreover, a sales manager is given the insights necessary to determine how effective interactions with a customer have been and where additional coaching may be required.

Demographics Builder

The demographics builder is a very useful tool. You can, for example, capture relevant information in the knowledge base for classifying customers and slotting them into groups for mailing or promotional purposes. The screenshot provides an example of a new demographic setup. If one asks an age-related question, the answers a user will select are setup here. The answers are then captured in the demographic profile of the specific customer.

Quotation History

The quoting tab provides a list of both active and historic quotations over a period of time for every customer. The quotes are editable when active, and may be viewed when accepted or declined. The advantage of the quotation history is that it provides a history of the needs each customer has had in the past. Whether declined or accepted, this information is crucial to understanding the client over his or her lifespan with your business.

Multiple Geolocations

In certain industries, it is crucial to know the customer's geolocation for the purpose of delivery processes. We therefore make provision for multiple locations for every customer. Geolocations is also available in Accrete Mobile, which allows a user to tag the location they are visiting while they are in the field.