Targeted Marketing

Demographic Logging

A sales person’s single most important asset is a healthy customer network. For this reason, we made sure that relevant customer details can be captured. 

The database is complemented by a demographics builder. That is to say, a sales person can build a customer profile that includes specific interests and any other information that should be retained. A search function that groups specific demographics then provides lists of customers that comply to search criteria. 

System Screens at a Glance

Demographic Setup

Demographics is based on a question and answer setup. For example, if the question is 'Age Group', the answer can be setup as multiple options, such as 18-25 or 26-35, and so on. The answer can however also be open ended. This occurs, for example, when answering the name of a spouse. The feature is added to the contact screen as a tab and is easy to both use and update.

Demographic Searching

The power of this feature is realised when communicating with contacts. It is based on certain demographic information and allows one to perform a search, or a pre-defined search. Once the search results are displayed, the list of customers that fit the search criteria can be exported. The file can then be imported into an external mass mailing system such as MailChimp.

Demographic Filtering

Advanced filtering is added to the functionality of this feature where 'and', 'or', and grouping options may be used.