Integrated Quoting Systems

Quoting must be fast and accurate. Our sales management system is designed to do just that. We provide itemised or invoice type quoting, as well as industry specific quoting formats such as scheduled quoting for media, vehicle quoting for the motor industry, and so on. 

Predefined quoting is additionally available for recurring quotations. That is, setup a quotation once and have the system use the predefined items linked to the current price in the price list. Price lists may be linked to accounting systems like SAP Business One, Xero Accounting and Dear inventory. Minimal customised development is required for similar systems. These integrations provide the newest price as well as available stock levels in the warehouse. The advantage is, of course, fast delivery of a quotation. 

System Screens at a Glance

Outstanding Quotation

The quote section provides an outstanding quotation list; a view for easy follow-up. The quotation list shows quotations from oldest to newest. Plus, a search function allows you to easily navigate to the desired quote. Above the quotation list a dashboard displays the number of quotes created, accepted and declined within a date range.

Quotation Layout

This screen shows the basic layout used by most of our clients. However, we also provide industry specific quoting and layouts that is based on a standard invoice format. Such format provides the basis for the sales order when the quote is accepted.

Itemized Quoting

The user friendly quoting screen forms part of the quoting wizard. The quote wizard consists of a cover letter section where one can either type a unique cover letter or select one from a predefined letter template. Once chosen, one proceeds to the screen that selects a predefined quotation (or compile a unique quotation for the customer). The advantage of predefined quotations is its use for a range of products used regularly. The terms and conditions section is the final step of the wizard. Here, choose predefined terms and conditions that apply to the specific quotation. Terms and conditions are also used for contracts that are attached to quotations.

Scheduled Quoting Monthly

Specifically developed for the media industry due to the complexity of the industry's rate cards. A media house (radio, print, online or television) requires a structured method for quoting spots with variable, but structured, prices, features and instructions. Scheduled monthly quoting is based on a monthly schedule that includes specific time slots. Campaigns are planned and quoted, and these can range from a few days, a month or even multiple months.

Scheduled Quoting Weekly Recurring

The idea behind a weekly recurring schedule is to speed up the quoting process - even further. This approach plans a week of slots and then repeats the campaign for multiple weeks. The user thus plans the week and selects the applicable week to recur.

Monthly Schedule Report

Media clients receive a printed schedule to visualise the monthly planned spots and costs. The document provides information on spots and a summary of the pricing. The contract may form part of the proposal.

Weekly Recurring Schedule Report

A weekly recurring version of the scheduled quoting option.