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Features: Single User - Trial Access Single User - Limited Single User - Power User
No of Contacts In Customer Base Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Storage Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Custom Fields None Unlimited Unlimited
Sales Opportunities Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
No of Quotations Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Mobile Usage Mobi Site Mobi Site Mobi Site
Record Limits Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
User Level: Single User - Trial Access Single User - Limited Single User - Power User
Your Contacts:
Generic Information
Activity History
Classification & Market Segments
Multiple Locations and Addresses
Geo Tagging Google Maps
Intermediary Contacts (Main Relationships) X
Custom Fields X
Your Calendar:
Basic Calender
Calendar Integrations (Office 365, iCloud, Google Calendar)
Your Leads:
Automated Lead importing via Mailbox Portal (Facebook, Linkedin, Website, etc) X X
Lead Basket (for team to pull and work on) X
Leads managed in opportunity pipeline automatically X
Leads Follow Up in Calling Cyles X
Lead network management (Unique Feature)
Your Quotes:
Various Industry Type Quoting
Itemized Quoting
Schedule Quoting - Monthly X X X
Schedule Quoting - Weekly X X X
Service Quoting X X
Pre-Defined Quoting X
Multiple Quote Cover Pages X
Multiple Quote T&C’s X
Marketing Source Tracking (On Quote Level) X X
Outstanding Quotes List (Quote Status Settings)
Quote Follow-Up's in Calling Cycles & Tasks
Quote Convert to Draft Invoice (Xero Accounting) X X
Quote Convert to Sales Order (Cin7 Inventory) X X X
Product Management
Pricelist Management X
Your Calling Cycles:
Your Automated Personal Assistant
Calling Cycles Schedule List
Customer Activity Logging
Opportunity Creation
Multiple Opportunity Management
Next Calling Cycles Date Scheduling
Your Projects:
Projects Templates X X
Projects X X
Tasks (list and Kanban Cards)
Your Opportunities:
Opportunity Kanban Card Viewer
Client Type Opportunity Pipeline
Activity Type Opportunity Pipeline
Opportunity List (Excel Export) X
Your Sales Orders:
Sales Order Creation X X
Sales Order Listing X X
Shipping & Due Date Listings X X
Sales Order Notes X X
Your Files:
Store Your Files in Dropbox X X
Folder Listing in Dropbox per Customer X X
Accessed Directly from Contact Profile X X
Your Reports:
Full Reporting X
Calling Cycles
Contact Detail Lists
Quoting Reports
Management Reporting X X
Your Self Eveluation:
Your Self Evaluation Dashboard X
Activity Type Flow Dashboard X
New Contacts Created X
Ratio Dashboards X
Quotation Dashboard X
Your Training:
Video Based System Training
Your Integration:
Google Calendar
Microsoft Outlook 365
Google Maps
Dropbox X X
Xero Accounting X X
Cin7 Inventory X X X
Drip eCRM X X
Your Administration of the System:
Contact Administration
Contact Transfer Management X X
Product & Price list Setups
Quote Admin
Type Setups
Sales Order Administration X
Stock Admin X
Marketing Source Setup X
User Team Setups X X
User Administration X X
Sales Order Mail Groups X X
Multiple Company X X
Multiple Branches X X
Multiple Department Levels X X
Multiple Sales Team Setups X X
Team Coaching & Management Features:
Activity Management X X
Calendar Management & Sharing X X
Contact Service Level Management X X
Lead Management X X
Quote & Closing Ratio Management X X
Opportunity Management X X
Sales Order Management & Administration X X
Sales Game (KPI Management) X X
Project Management X X
Google Calendar
Microsoft Outlook
Google Maps
Dropbox X X
Drip (eCRM) Integration X X
Cin7 Inventory X X
Xero Accounting X X
√ Score 81 42 72

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