Email Automation

Automated Communication

Integrated with the best in the business. We make sure you trigger strategically prepared, automated communications to your contacts. Whether you are emailing a lead to get more contact information or following up on quotes. With drip integration, we make sure you have all the power of the best in the business eCRM tools—automated email templates sent to the customer at the right time. The salespeople can focus on making sales and spend less time on sending emails. Combining automation with calling cycles to give you the best of both worlds, automation and personal contact.

Drip Intergrations Screens at a Glance

Active Campaigns Screen

Over 90% of people are more likely to shop with brands that remember and recognize them with custom content. With our Drip integration running campaigns specifically to contacts is as easy as selecting the campaign and click to run. Even running multiple drip campaigns to contacts is easy. View active campaigns on this screen.

Events Tab

On the events screen track all events and get feedback on emails opened and other events triggered in your Drip workflow. Know when the email was opened by the contact, when an email has been sent or any other event set up in your workflow.

Tags & Customer Fields Tab

Use Tags, Events, and Custom Fields to keep tabs on how people are interacting with your campaigns. Setup customer fields in your drip workflow and store them in your Accrete contact database. Use tags to identify specific actions or categories.

Setup Custom Email Campaigns

There’s never just one right time to reach out. Whether it’s just browsing or buying it all, Drip’s Workflows automatically engage with folks at critical moments in the customer experience. Setup your email templates and campaigns in drip. With professional email templates sent at the perfect times. Trigger these campaigns from Accrete and keep interacting with your customers without the pain of sending the emails yourself.

Email Campaign Screen

In Drip, you will be able to set the sequence of the campaign emails and the duration between sending out the emails.

Drip Workflows

Drip’s visual workflows are high-converting pre-made automation built for your business. This is not just email marketing but email campaigns on steroids. Giving you so much more control over the customer experience as you trigger your campaigns directly from Accrete you setup the workflows to support specific actions.

Drip Optin Forms

The Drip forms enable you to have interactions with customers and capture information within a campaign. You will even be able to stop an email flow when a customer updates or captures data in the forms—automating even further the automation process.