Lead Tracking

Leads to Sales

Businesses often generate leads with advertising and online marketing tools. This, however, presents a challenge as leads need to be followed up. If not managed efficiently, these leads become lost leads. 

Accrete’s CRM program captures leads from your social media and other online platforms. These include, for example, Facebook, LinkedIn and your official website. The system subsequently adds leads to a lead basket. From here, a sales manager allocates leads to users. It’s that simple.

Lead Tracking System Screens at a Glance

Lead Tickets

New leads enter the lead bucket. From there, allocate leads to specific users so they can be followed up and nurtured. Opportunities are automatically started when assigned leads are activated. The system subsequently submits opportunities to the calling cycle.

Lead Detail

Capture leads manually and edit relevant details on the Lead Detail screen. Trigger a pre-defined and structured Drip email campaign from the lead ticket. Capture additional information with sub-categories. Remember, it is crucial to analyze activities in the mission to improve your sales teams.

Assigned Leads

The system generates a list of active leads that reflects each lead's status. A user is able to filter, follow up and nurture leads into sales.