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Opportunity Tracking

You may have noticed that we place emphasis on prospecting as part of the sales process and manage it as a Key Performance Indicator. This, however, does not divert our attention from the importance of opportunity management, which we rather add as a further dimension to activity based management.  Experiencing a lack of opportunities? Opportunity tracking allows you to trace the origin of the problem.

Opportunities are logged in the system where predefined activities are identified as steps in the sales process. This ultimately allows for the opportunity for a planned strategy to be put in place.

System Screens at a Glance

Pipeline Cards Based On Client Types

A system that is easy to visualise. Pipeline cards show precisely at what stage opportunities are for the client type. Client type analysis shows the user an overview of whether the weight towards attraction or retention is out of balance. In this example, there is one opportunity with a suspect, ten prospects, five qualified opportunities and twenty-eight active client opportunities.

Pipeline Cards Based On Activity Types

Alternatively, one can view opportunity cards by Activity Types. The example illustrates opportunities in sequence based on activity stages. So, at a glance, you can see which opportunities are at the quote stage (and need to be followed up). The card shows the opportunity probability, the value of quotes attached to the opportunity as well as the title of the opportunity (where multiple opportunities exist for one contact).

Opportunity Management

Accrete provides all the standard opportunity management screens and functionality of popular CRM systems. However, our focus is our approach to maximising sales and exploring opportunities. From a management perspective it is also, however, crucial to ensure that all opportunities receive the attention they require.

Opportunity Details All In One Place

On this screen you further classify the opportunity and add information, such as, Opportunity Status, Opportunity Type, Opportunity probability, Follow Up Status, a user defined field, Expected Closing Date and Expected Invoice Date. See all activities noted that are linked to the specific opportunity as well as all quotes and their current status. Users and managers additionally add opportunity notes which are emailed to each party as a notification of the move.

Opportunity Management From Activity

In an effort to reduce double capturing (and to save system time), we designed the system to capture information straight from the activity screen and then add it to the opportunity screen. On the activity capture screen, opportunities are created based on the activities you consistently perform with a customer. This means that the focus is the stream of activities, not the opportunity. Although the opportunity forms part of the pipeline, it is dealt with when utilising the activity based module.