Closing Ratio's

Quotation Management

Quotations is the heart of the sales process and the source of the sales pipeline. Being able to track the closing ratio of an individual team member provides an excellent opportunity to coach for greater success.

The Quotation Management screens not only provide a dashboard to see the ratio between accepted quote, declined and created quotes of all team members, but also detailed reporting on quote status groupings.

System Screens at a Glance

How Are We Doing?

A quick overview of Accepted, Declined and Created quotes presented on a dashboard per user, followed by all the quotes outstanding in the system. The manager or coach can access the quotations by filtering or searching in the list and opening the quote details and edit screens.

Quotes Reporting

This is also great for viewing lists of accepted, declined and created quotes. The report also provide the number of quotes in each category as well as closing ratios. Each quote in each category is listed with the total value of the quotation.

Know Why You Have Lost Deals...

The declined quotes report shows a list of quotations that was declined with reasons selected in the decline process. From this it is easy to see why you lost the deals. Spot trends and address issues in terms of strategy or competitiveness.