Sale To Delivery

Sale Order Creation

This feature is a touchpoint for taking the sales process further, either, to the production process, or, to the procurement process where the sales transaction is fulfilled. 

A sales order is automatically created from the quotation. One may also edit the sales order, if required. The sales order is followed up and managed by a sales coordinator or sales person.

Sales orders can additionally be sent from Accrete to Dear Inventory where the sales order is processed by the relevant department. 

System Screens at a Glance

Sales Order Follow Up

In order to deliver on sales orders we have designed a screen that not only enables the sales person to track sales order status, but also to provide a screen for a sales coordinator. The sales coordinator is then able to follow up on production or procurement of products sold and ensures prompt delivery to the customer.

Sales Order

The sales order is created from an accepted quote. The sales order screen therefore enables a sales person to alter the final order and to process that order for production, procurement or warehousing for picking. Custom development allows us to automatically dump the sales order into your ERP program for approval, where such ERP system allows it.

Sales Order Report

Businesses that are less automated can print and distribute the sales order.