Personal Growth

Self Assessment Dashboard

Our sales management system is all about self improvement so that you can improve your skills and grow your sales.

The self assessment dashboard is designed to evaluate the level of activities that are needed in order to be successful. The Dashboard provides an overview of ratios, activity flow, activity type relationships, quote success ratios and new contact created information.

System Screens at a Glance

Activity Flow

The dashboard visually represent activity flows in order to easily spot the distribution of activities. This screen shows the user the balance between attraction of new customers or prospects versus retention activities towards active customers. Each industry has different ratios of activities. The user can therefore evaluate his or her own flow of activities and identify the areas that need improvement.

Activity Type Relationships & New Contacts Created Indications

Comparing the activity types across the various client types shows a user where he or she is focused. For example: Where is the user doing the most relationship calls? Are these calls to prospects or to active clients? If calls are made to active clients, what is the purpose of this? The system also shows the number of new clients that have been added in a selected month.

Ratio Charts

Sales is all about ratios. Based on the quotes for a given period, the system will show the user what the percentage of quotes accepted, declined and created are. Ratios are based on the number as well as the value of quotes.

Relationship Ratio Charts

Relationship calls can be compared with opportunities. This provides insight into the success with the client base within a specific period. Furthermore, the system provides ratios which show the effectiveness of prospecting, sales calls, quoting, and closing.