The Sales Game

The Sales Game is the perfect measurement tool. Sales people drive their own achievements and are provided the functionality to track the areas in which they must improve in order to compete. What is more, as they grow, so does their income potential. 

System Screens at a Glance

Leader Board

The leader board is the screen selected when a sales person or manager enters the system. The screen shows the scores based on a percentage of the sales activities by all users. The idea is to motivate and encourage users to achieve in a manner that allows healthy competition. However, non-performers are confronted with the fact that they are not doing enough. The sales game matrix shows the sales person and manager the activities that are falling behind and which activities have reached the required level. The Sales Game puts the team in a competitive spirit - and keeps them there. The more achievement driven the GAME, the more the system drives performance.

Sales Game Details Report

The sales game provides various reporting options for operational insights. This additionally forms the basis for coaching information. Reports are available for users, managers and coaches. The devil is in the detail. When working through activity notes, the trained eye will pick up mistakes that could cost a sales person dearly. But remember, the Sales Game is not only there to evaluate an individual, it is there to grow skills and sales.