Only focussing on the transaction can cost you dearly (Part 2)

Only focussing on the transaction can cost you dearly (Part 2)

This article, only focussing on the transaction can cost you dearly is a two-part series, make sure you didn’t miss part 1.

In the previous article, we saw that many salespeople only focus on the transaction and don’t invest time in the relationships with their customers. Why don’t salespeople invest the time in relationships? 

I am sure that they will tell you that they don’t have the time.  But time goes where you direct it, and it is usually towards urgent matters first and then to essential issues and then maybe towards something important in the medium term.  It is a matter of priority. 

It is not just the salesperson’s fault.  The problem is that the systems that we use promote this kind of behaviour.  If relationships are as meaningful as we all profess them to be, then why are sales pipelines only focussed on current opportunities and transactions, in our customer relationships management (CRM) systems?  No pro-active elements or criteria for the building of relationships with potential customers or retaining of existing customers are in place.  A customer has value as long as there is an active opportunity, and then what?

I feel passionate about this topic because we are missing the point of a CRM system.  We need to start caring more about our customers, not just the monetary value they represent.  We must change our locus on serving our customers and not just sucking them dry.  If we don’t, this behaviour is going to eliminate salespeople from the loop. Your customers are not going to stop businesses from providing them with an automated purchasing method.  If there is no real relationship, why do customers need you? This is the reason why focussing on the transaction will cost you dearly.

The opportunity will remain for the company that keeps serving through relationships and will ultimately give these companies a competitive advantage.  Customers want to feel special.

We must always keep in mind that there are two aspects of sales that are important, the attraction of new customers and retention of existing customers.   These relationships with prospects and existing customers are the key to growing your business exponentially.  We must start giving relationship building our attention before it’s too late.

If we talk about sourcing new customers, it will help if you have a lead network where you build relationships with potential customers and make sure that you don’t forget your historic customers by maintaining contact.   We will cover the concept of a lead network in a later article.  Our solutions in Accrete for keeping track of both of these aspects is the built-in methodology, calling cycles.

If you want to learn more on calling cycles, spend some time doing our free coaching session by clicking the link below.

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