Know your numbers.

Know your numbers.

The first step to success is to know your numbers.

Brian Tracy believes that you should know your numbers.  The following quotes show that he was committed to the belief that activities result in sales.

“Concentrate on the activities of prospecting, presenting and following-up; the sales will take care of themselves.” – Brian Tracy.

“Activities equals results.  If you want to increase your success, increase your activity.  Increase contact with customers.  The more people you contact, the higher your sales will be because of the law of probabilities.” – Brian Tracy.

What do you focus on in your sales management function?

Research shows that currently, 71% of sales managers are only concentrating on achieving targets, and this is their top priority for the financial year. While this focus is understandable and not, in essence, a mistake, it does indicate that the focus of sales managers will primarily be on the results. When in fact it should be on the steps in the process that lead to these results.  It is these steps that ensure that you will arrive at the desired results, as mentioned by Brian Tracy above.

What we are doing in the Sales Game Model is to follow the outcomes on each step.  Phase one in the model is to set clear expectations on the required performance in every step of the process.  When we get to the scoreboard, we know exactly how everyone is performing in relation to all the steps needed.  It also enables us to take corrective measures in the implementation on a weekly or even daily basis, if required. 

It is too late at the end of the month to correct poor sales results!

If there is a deviation from the plan in the second week of the month, you can still do something about it; for example, the prospecting might not be up to standard, or the conversion ratio is off.  When you know your numbers, it allows you to look at the detail and re-strategise with the salesperson or the team.  Dealing with activities in this manner is pro-active sales management. 

We all want to take our team to the world cup, but without testing ourselves on the field of play and identifying where we need to improve, we will not register the required wins to qualify and go to the world cup in the first place, let alone to realise our dream.  Every sports team knows their numbers.

So, the BIG question here is, do you know your numbers?

Sometimes we consult to clients that don’t even have sales targets or quotas; for the majority, sales targets or quotas are sometimes the only figures they do manage. 

So do you want to take your team to the World Cup?

Then you need to be speaking to us. We will help you to understand, manage and implement the right numbers, ratios and measurements to drive top-level performance. All at the push of a button.

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