Leads created by digital marketing can be lost.

Leads created by digital marketing can be lost.

Business spending on digital marketing has steadily increased over the years, but the past few months have seen an unprecedented acceleration. But leads created by digital marketing can be lost. Everyone is focusing on the possibilities of finding an alternative way to generate leads, but as in everything, even digital marketing has its risks. Leads generated by digital marketing can be lost, but fortunately, we have some tips that can help you minimise this.

Have a managed sales process.

What is the process followed in your organisation when you get leads?  In most businesses, leads get sent to a mailbox that gets allocated by either a sales manager or sales coordinator to a specific salesperson responsible for follow-up. That lead is then nurtured into a sale. But it is essential to manage conversion effectiveness and to make sure that all leads are followed up and closed. To manage leads created by digital marketing, you need to establish a sales process specifically for this and track the leads as well as the outcomes of these leads.

Automate what you can.

Once you know your lead flow, identify what can be automated.  You must also consider the role of the salesperson in this process.  Is there a way to get the lead electronically captured by your CRM system? How do you then make sure it doesn’t get lost?  You must also be able to track the status of every lead created by digital marketing. And the rest is up to the Salesperson.

Get people involved.

Never leave the importance of personal contact out of the equation.  Although some sales processes can be automated funnels guiding the prospect or lead into the sale without any human intervention, the majority of industries still need people involved in the process at some stage.  The challenge is that people will invariably drop the ball (we’re just human after all).  This is where your systems are key, to ensure that nothing falls through the cracks.  As we mentioned in our previous article, potential clients still want the personal touch as this builds trust.  

How does Accrete prevent leads created by digital marketing from being lost?

We start by capturing all lead emails automatically and directly into the lead bucket.  Then it gets assigned to the right salesperson, or the salesperson pulls the lead directly from the bucket.  The salesperson activates the lead ticket once contacted.  After updating unknown details in the system, an opportunity gets created, and the lead will now be in the salesperson’s calling cycles.

The possible transaction is now in calling cycles, and we track the conversion effectiveness.  Using the data from the sales game, you will be able to coach your team to become a well-oiled machine.

If this article captured your interest, connect with us to help you ring fence those leads created by your digital marketing.

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