Can Tech Help Remote Sales Teams Work from Home?

Being in partial or in full lockdown is not something that we can do anything about, but we can be diligent and productive at this time.

I keep asking myself what is going to be different after the pandemic is over? Will the way our customers interact with us be different? Are we going to change into these in-human buyers that only transact with machines and sales as we know it, disappears?

In my opinion, yes and no. Some industries might move over to more automated sales processes. Others will move to semi-automated methods combined with some human intervention. But sales relationships will always be the more substantial aspect when it comes to the sale of technical, industrial and specialised products or services.

While we are still not sure what the real impact is going to be, we must stay focussed and maintain our relationships during the lockdown. Keep on servicing your client base even if you cannot deliver on transactions right now. As salespeople, we must stay in contact and make sure that each one of our customers gets some attention.

The alternative is much worse if we sit around and waste time. The reality of starting up our businesses when we get out of lockdown will confront us all. Some of us that could be active and kept on with our activities will have the benefit and will hit the ground running. In the meantime, are you using your time wisely to keep in contact with your team and your customers?

It is time to evaluate your approach to sales and your sales team. Sales are all about activities. We must make sure in times of recession that we focus on every potential customer out there. We must make sure that we get the sale and not our opposition. It even means looking for new business. If you say you have extra time, there will be customers out there that will also have spare time. It is time to tell them about you and your offering. Start building relationships that can pay off once this is all over. If you can’t make the sale now, that’s fine, at least make the connection.

How do you make sure that all of your customers get serviced, and you don’t forget them? Tech can help with this.

How do you make sure that the sales activities get done? Tech can help with this.

How do you keep on looking for new opportunities? Tech can help you.

How do you make sure that your team stay motivated? Our tech can help with this.

Here is how we will help you. We will share our unique relationship-building methodology with you. We will also provide you with a free cheat sheet and coaching session to explain this methodology.

Follow the link to start the process and get answers on how our tech can help you and your team to work from home, fight the recession and be extremely productive. Not to mention that your customers will experience dedication and care.

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