Lockdown Strategy, Let’s Talk some Action!


My business is in limbo, my salespeople are in lockdown, how do I secure sales and new business? I need a lockdown strategy.

Cash flow is under pressure or non-existent, I don’t feel there is anything I can do about the situation, we may need to plan to scale down the business drastically…

Yes, you can reduce costs and yes you can scale down your business.  But is this the solution?  Or is the solution to seek, explore and close every potential transaction and customer out there.  What is the best lockdown strategy? It is time to rethink not only your expenses but also your income and re-focus on generating sales.  Especially from a lockdown strategy perspective.

It is time for active prospecting and not only relying on marketing to generate the leads needed.

It would help if you took charge of your market.  Don’t just wait for business to come to you.  Go and get it.  Not only new customers but also do the rounds of your existing customers.   There are bound to be customers with whom you have lost contact and are buying from someone else currently.

When last did you create a prospect list and made contact to establish new relationships?

Accrete can assist your business to build relationships even in the lockdown and be ready to generate sales when prepared to do so.

Accrete CRM can assist you with several of the challenges you are facing now:

  • Salespeople can be productive from home
  • Salespeople can identify and contact prospects based on our unique prospecting methodology
  • Accrete makes sales activity visible
  • Calling cycles allows salespeople to follow up on opportunities and customers where relationships have grown cold, which can turn into renewed sales.
  • The Sales Game encourage salespeople to be active even during the lockdown
  • Accrete allows sales managers to oversee and manage actions of remote team members
  • There are customers out there that are still buying, find them

Now is actually a good time to talk to us…give us a call to discuss how your business can prepare to reset and prosper after the lockdown.

If your current CRM did not provide the solution in this time, maybe it is time to reconsider a change?

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